First of all Id I would say that by having a publicity degree, my training as a photographer is totally self-taught by doing only two workshops around 16h, one of editing with Natalia Taffarel and the other of photography with Eugenio Recuenco. The rest of my training is a result of my continuos investigation and my obsession for photography, as my sensibility for art and aesthetic has been with me since I was just a kid. For me, taking pictures is a late discovery, I started to work late on 2015. 

By the end of that same year I did my first editorial work with a professional model (Saoro Nadal), were I lead the art and we created from scratch all the scenography. The series, more focussed to the photography of the author, narrates the story of a contract killer that suffers from his job. 

And it had an unexpected warm welcome and was published in a special edition on Adon Magazine in United States of America.

Thats when I realized which was my dream and I went for it.

In 2016 and 2018 I had less studio work because I wanted to concentrate in self construction and design, and I end up making my photo studio in Xativa, Valencia. It’s a loft of 250 square meter with all convenience and space for produce all kind of work. I required my own space for being able to free my inquisitiveness. The studio was opened on January 2018.

From there I started to work with customers from the International Electronic music field, such as Marien Baker, Jose de Mara (best producer EDM Spain) and one of the best international known artist Dennis Cruz. And a folk artist, Angela Carrasco who won a Latin Grammy.

After a few months I had the pleasure to meet Jean Luc Amsler, who gave me the opportunity for cooperate in a fascinating artistic project that would be exposed during the fashion week at the Bentley Saloon of Paris. By the end of that same year I did my first work for Francesco Smalto in Paris too, under the direction of Jean Luc. 

On January 2019 I end up doing his latest collection (Jean Luc), repeating artistic direction.

Style and inspiration

His sources come far away from photography, the influences from baroque of Caravaggio and the art from Goya, film noir and author, across to artists and photographers such as Nick Knight, Steven Klein or Eugenio Recuenco and the eternal Helmut Newton or Guy Bourdin.

Adrià Simó stands out for his research of perfection and control of light, with lot of attention to the proportion, composition and artistic sense. His colors are cautious, overwhelming and clean. A versatile photographer, the leitmotiv of its work is his strength, and his pictures always have that characteristic soul from its unique touch on the way he plays with the light, arranging the models, and the stories he wants to tell. Enjoys with metaphor, irony, sarcasm and taunting providing to his work a sense of intelligence.

With a sociable character he always tries to arrange a previous time for transmit what he searches to the model, by preparing him mentally for obtain the best posible result. The previous psychological work previous to the session is essential his way of working. The expressions, way of looking need a guide, the preparation of the character for break the stress that appears sometimes on the first shoots.   

On session, his job concentrates in the perfect shot with the purpose to use the less tools of postproduction. Preparing a set, a good rely on an outline of lights is basic and he likes to have ready the elements that appear in the photography escaping from digital integration.

A picture must be real, must freeze a time or space, even if this one is premeditated, even if we have invented a story, we wont believe it, if it doesn’t exists.