His curiosity, sensitivity and artistic sense mean that his influences are constantly developing. His sources of inspiration range from cinema to videogames, music, painting, sculpture... and of course, photography. All this together translates into a graphic, sophisticated, and personal style.

Adria Simo stands out for his search for perfection and control of light, playing with proportions, compositions, and dialogue. His colours are contained, forceful and clean.

The leitmotiv of his work is strength, dignity, and empowerment. With a sophisticated sense of sexuality, a unique touch with light and a previous argument, his works tell stories in a bold and intelligent way.

Sociable in nature, he always tries to arrange a time beforehand to convey to the model what he is looking for, preparing them mentally for the best possible result. The psychological work prior to the photo shoot is fundamental in the way he works. The expressions, the way of looking and acting need a guide, to understand and be part of the story.

In his session, his work concentrates on the perfect shot in order to use as few post-production tools as possible. Preparing a set and a good base in a lighting scheme is fundamental and he likes to have the elements that appear in the photograph ready to go, escaping from digital integration.

Jean Luc Amsler.

"A photo must be real, it must freeze a time or space, even if it is premeditated, even if we have invented the story, we won't believe it if it doesn't exist"

Adria Simo.
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